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to speak is that in 1987 there were only 125 radio stations doing talk radio in america. now there are over 2,000 so you cannot tell me that lifting the fairness doctrine was the wrong thing to do. >> host: let's get into the fairness doctrine in your subtitle the new fairness doctrine expos. let's go back a little bit in time. tell us exactly what the fairness doctrine was. >> guest: the fairness doctrine was an fcc, federal communications, regulation. 1949 and was established. it was established to force broadcasters to reach out, to seek out opposing viewpoints on controversial issues. back then in 1949 there were only 2,000 radio stations in america. there were only a few fledgling television stations in america and a glimmer of hope for a television network or to. there wasn't so much media back and of course we didn't have the internet. we didn't have the diversity of media we have today so it could be argued to some degree the fairness doctrine was a fair thing back then because if he were overloaded on media with a political ideologies it could sway opinion, no question with lack of
and family of the ladies auxiliary. america honors your service as well. also, governor jan brewer is here of arizona. and mayor phil gordon, our host, here in phoenix. i want too acknowledge president dr. joe shirley jr., president of the navajo nation. and this wasn't on my original card, but this is just an extraordinary story and you may have already heard from her, but i want to publicly acknowledge and thank mrs. helen denton, the secretary to dwight eisenhower who typed up the orders for the normandy invasion and is here today and what an extraordinary story that is. so -- [ applause ] members of the veterans of foreign wars, i am honored and humbled to stand before you as commander in chief of the finest military the world has ever known. we're joined by some of those who make it the finest force in the world. from luke air force base, members of the 56th fighter wing. whether you wear the uniform today or wore it decades ago, you remind us of a fundamental truth. it's not the powerful weapons that make our military the strongest in the world, it's not the sophisticated system that
: this is the national desk. they cover america. this is the foreign desk, covering the globe. every picture that comes into fox news channel comes through the media desk. here on "the live desk" those pictures will always be on the right-hand side of the screen. juliet: in the top box we are waiting for president obama to begin speaking in phoenix, talking about the wars in iraq and afghanistan, and as we wait, the health care debate rages on. the president last week said that a public option is an absolute must in any health care bill, but now the white house could be changing its tune. and an update on a story that we broke. e-mails from the white house going to people who never asked for them. now the white house is responding. in the middle box, a tragedy in the sky. fighter jets colliding as they rehearse for an air show. in the bottom box, hurricane season is in full swing. the florida panhandle is dealing with the aftermath of the claudette and now hurricane bill is picking up strength. trace: we begin with health care and the question over president obama's plan for health insurance is dead or
business in america, because it is being crushed and the government has blood all over its hands. the obama administration and both parties in congress are forcing socialized medicine right down our throats. they are frorsing unions to take over successful businesses, and the hijacking of contracts of workers under the interestingly worded employee free choice act. they're raising your capital gains taxes, and when that frightening cap and trade passes, energy prices are going to skyrocket, not just in your home, you but also at te small business. how are they going to be able to afford to pay their utility bills? small businesses are some of the fastest growing ones out. there joining me is a man who knows all about the threats they are phrasing. his name is patrick burn, c.e.o. of one of of the moment successful retailers out there, overstock.com. also in the studio audience, we have a few other people. we have james murphy and lindsay pyren, president and vice presidents of a small business in ohio called e.s.t. an an lit analytical that smalls environmental instruments to the environmen
yesterday with apologies to those folks watching on c-span, but the only moral contented people in america then left-wing commager's on blogs or left wing collars -- are left wing coallers on washington journal. three weeks ago, nancy pelosi was blocking legislation would prohibit the fairness doctrine. who is the lead role in the senate, not barbara boxer, the other one feinstein did mention it. they're blocking republican attempts to shut it down while pointing people t the fcc to throw it back in. we have to be vigilant >> thank you, i live in a snake pit called new jersey have the time. part of the problem is that in new jersey, we have three republican congressmen that voted for capt. trade. i, being a lifelong republican and conservative feel like it is time to pull the plug on these people. [applause] if they're going to be supporting barack obama and the democrats, we do not need them. but when i talk to other republican people, they say that if we get rid of one, we will get another one so that i am in a dilemma about that. we have a man that is running for governor who, one week
to the vfw on america's two foreign wars and the troops who are fighting them. you'll see it live right here in the "newsroom.." >>> two and a half months in the hurricane sen and bill and claude it light up the radar. hello, everyone. i'm kieyra phillips. you're live here in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> and they fought for you. who fights for them. american veterans focused health care. we're pushing forward on both fronts. a live address to the vfw in this hour and a congressional session of conservative opponents to the health plan. you know we've covered their causes and criseses to tainted equipment at v.a. hospitals. there are people stories, not number stories. we can't ignore numbers like these. almost a million unprocessed claims. if claims are denied it can take a year and a half, sometimes much longer to go through the appeals. factor in a passionate fight to overhaul the nation's health care system and this becomes the scene outside president's adegree. cnn's ed henry joins me live. how does it push into this for reform? we sure know they want it.
.m. e to one of america's most besieged outposted. the pilots won't land in this valley except on the darkest of nights when they're escorted by gunships. the taliban often lie and wait in the darkness of this remote valley. the gunships fire a missile into the hillside, a warning shot. outpost is the further reach of america power surrounded by mountains here in the pakistani border. a landing so the pilots worried that their razor blades could clip the hillside. this is the only way in or out of a tiny piece of land. america feels it has to hold on to but isn't sure why. and while the world's only superpower has found itself trapped. the hills all around offer beauty and also constant deadly attacks. >> we're surrounded in a bowl. so we're constantly -- >> reporter: captain porter leads a few dozen men pinned down among the sandbags. they don't have much contact with the locals apart from when they shoot at their base. >> over 35 contacts with the enemy since we've been here just under three months. so keeping us on our toes. >> reporter: why? >> my boss told me to come here.
are no longer america. simple as that. >> host: of the great ironies here, the founding fathers, the reason they began this space experiment was based on two things, freedom of worship and freedom of speech. and this is why it is so vital to protect talk radio and in particular conservative talk radio. >> guest: the government has no right to sit in the editor's chair or to control content through regulation, period. >> host: this is about protecting the first amendment, our bill of rights and great constitution. brian jennings, thank you for joining me today. >> guest: thank you. >> host: the book is called quote go censorship the threat to silence talk radio the new fairness doctrine exposed." the author is brian jennings. i am monica crowley. thank you so much for being with us today. .. >> i guess i thought i would talk or a bid to while some they also like to do we have a small group feel free to fill in but how many of you watch cnbc? many if you are cnbc viewers we may have a pretty educated viewership so i am curious five like to do this in small groups or large groups how many of y
paper on the history of riots in america. my community had been torn up by riots in the aftermath of the killing of dr. martin luther king. she said fine, write about riots in america. for the first time in my life, i actually got turned on by english. i researched riots from the 1920's, overseas, and spent hours in the library. i came back and wrote a 140 page manuscript, as i recall. mrs. klinger took this manuscript home. she was a diminutive whiteshe took it home and came back after the weekend and calls me up and says ellis, i will tell you what. i will give you an "a" in this course. i am really not capable of judging this material. you need to send this to a professional. i paused and said, a professional what? i dunno and professionals. -- i do not know any professionals. >> she said, have you ever heard a woman called gwendolyn brooks? send it to her. see what she thinks. we got an address where she was teaching, and i sent gwendolyn brooks this manuscript on riots throughout history. i did not hear anything for weeks, and one saturday i got a call. it was gwendolyn brook
is being overshadowed about concern about the u.s.' america. tokyo's nikkei average tumbled 3% today. hong kong's hang seng is down sharply. in london the ftse opened lower. this comes after a down week on wall street last week. the dow fell 48 points and starts the week at 9,321. the nasdaq dropped 14 points to close at 1985. >>> general motors is looking to capitalize on the growing market for ultra low cost car in developing markets. "the wall street journal" is reporting that gm is planning to build a car that will sell for around $4,000. gm is looking to make up for declining sales in the u.s. the first car chrysler produces with new partner fiat may not be made in the usa. chrysler will build the fiat 500 in mexico. that could lead to a backlash among u.s. taxpayers who helped save the automaker but chrysler is said to be building the engines in michigan. >>> a new promotion to build up sales. ihop is offering free kids' meals seven nights a week for the next month with the purchase of an adult meal. according to "usa today" several smaller chains have been offering similar deals. >>
or every industry across the country. the government has to be in there to keep corporate america honest? the steel industry, for example? you pick one and name one. the american people are saying we want health care reform. the republicans are saying we want health care reform, but we don't want a government takeover. we don't want socialized medicine and national health care. >> those words are frightening to a lot of people. let me ask you this about a moderate forum, what congressman cooper just mentioned. what do you think of a co-op? >> well, chris, i'm not sure we know what that co-op is. kent conrad has talked about it. all the machinations going on in the senate finance committee, it's all been kept close to the vest. i don't think the american people really know what this co-op would look like. i want to look at it closely. and certainly i will take -- just like senator shelby said on sunday, let's take a look at it and let's make sure. i think anything is better than this government option that's in there competing with an unfair advantage on an unequal playing field. >> let m
geico's the third-largest car insurance company in america? nice tidbit there. boss: exactly. and i've been thinking, looking a bit more businesslike might help too. gecko: oh my. uhhh, no it's, what's, what's the word... vogeico. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance. >>> so this is what everyone has been e-mailing us asking us to do, at least me. let's cut through the health care rhetoric right now. just the facts here. angie is here from a nonpartisan fact checking group. angie, let's jump right into it. my first one here is that all of -- let's just say there are a couple of different proposals. i think there's like three in the house, two to the senate, and they're all just proposals. no bill yet. there's no bill. all of the proposals include no pre-existing conditions and health care for all americans. true? >> they all include the no preconditions and they all expand medicaid, which is a health program run by the government for the poor. and we essentially have a bill in the house that three committees have injure dis ovju over and we're waiting for o
?? >> i really do. i think we've gotten to a right size in corporate america.a. we have cut costs to the bone. i think any top line revenue growth will be a driver for growth in the s&p 500 and all of corporate america. i think three different places right now. energy is going to be a winner.. it's going to be a winner on three fronts, not the least of which is the short term, middle term and long term demand is going to be the picture there, and we'll see inflation in 2010. some companies to stay away from, the worst is mind because of how bad that gets. i think health care investments comes back, and look at technology as a consolidating sector. the bottom 90 companies in technology, and pay consolidation, and ratio in technology. >> ron shaw, i think you would disagree on energy with art hogan, would you not? >> i believe energy, is a good sector, but we look at service companies, we like, for example, transformer businesses, manufacturing companies that support the energy industry. but we do not believe in the commodity sector or the energy industry. >> and art, you're nodding
in america. thank you, sir. >> you bet. >> you heard the young man there. he's saying, you know, people are accusing us of being racist and that's not so. >> well, you know, not everyone who opposes the president's plan or him as an individual obviously is acting on the basis of racism. my argument is that there is a background noise of the hostility that is, i think, about what i guess i would call white racial resentment. let me give you an example. we know in missouri the other day a white man goes, assaults a black woman, rips up her poster of rosa parks and receives a huge ovation from literally hundreds of white folks in attendance for doing that, and then as they haul her away, the police in the room, the security, haul her away, these white folks are applauding. she was assaulted, a picture of rosa parks ripped up. there are white folks in the room with posters that refer to the president by the "n" word. no one seemed to care about that. secondly, we've got right wing radio talk show hosts who for months now have been playing the white racial resentment card to get their forces
. >> that's why mom and dad aren't reminding america, hey, little baby, stimulus turns six today. >> angry next door neighbors. >> finally, we always like when athletes or people around sports get involves in politics. mike allen, who is the latest? >> the republicans are discovering that the nfl is a great place to recruit. they feel it helps them with their message of commitment, hard work, valus and so there's now a couple people who are trying to follow in the footsteps. >> did michael vick make an announcement last night? >> no politics in the michael vick interview. he said he found god, which we were happy about. >> he found god and he loves animals, please. who is your pr company? >> you don't like god or animals, mika? >> i just like reality. >> no, you know what, mika grew up in the mean northeast streets of harlem and she's a little more cynical. >> you're talking to a woman who has gutted a deer, okay? >> you know, by the way, they make you do that at madeira before you graduate. >> if you do it, where do you get to go? william. >> is it a problem that they interviewed me and w
away from "good morning america." time 7:00. monday morning, august 17th. first the headlines. before weather and traffic. >> the mayor of baltimore says she will fight to protect the heart of the city. linda so will report. >>> florida hopes claudette dozen not clobber the coast. how a calm season turned nasty. >>> squealing tires, screeching around corners, sounds like a trip down lombard but this is for the checkered flag. sherrie johnson with more on the baltimore grand prix. this and more coming up. >>> right now your weather with meteorologist, here she is, susan schrack. >> thank you. good morning. things are on the muggy side for us. we're sewing a little haze out there. but for the most part things are on the quiet side. 68 degrees now, relative humidity 93%, winds are calm. temperatures all around the northeast, looking about the same. 68 degrees in baltimore. 73 philadelphia. 63 allentown. 71 in richmond. satellite and radar composite shows we have clouds around, they are breaking up pretty quickly and as the sun continues to come out more and more we'll have a pretty warm
they and other things threatening to the america future for enterprise. i am glad they had to stop and come back. i think the cooperatives are a much better idea than a government am run healthcare system for americans. it's failed policy and it's foolish politics. >> i still, governor in your state you ran a wonderful state lots of poor folks in arkansas and what are they going to do if they get sick? are they going to go to the emergency room? isn't that why we started? aren't we gabbing to square one? we have been having all of this impassioned debate. fooch are people welling and being yelled at. >> before this was an s chip we did our program first that put a safety net under people who's children were making too much money for medicaid but not muf f enough for the private insurance party. there was buy in. there was responsibility. it worked beautifully. when the president comes out and said there are 47 million uninsured americans the reality geraldo there are a lot of those people who couldn't be insured they choose not to be because they would rather spends their money on a new car ther
goodness. >> this is america's news headquarters. i am lauren sivan. a developing story out of florida where the outer rim of tropical storm claudette is drenching the gulf coast. the storm will not make land fall until morning. draw claudette is packing winds at 50 miles an hour. it may not bring as much flooding or wind damage as earlier feared. kuwaiti officials are considering new restrictions after a wedding tent fire killed 41 men and women. they crushed one another in a desperate attempt to escape through an only exit. all of them were women and children because men attend a separate party. they include a ban on children at parties. i am lauren sivan. now let's head back to huckabee on the fox news channel. to huckabee only right here on fox. >> mike: when you think activity, what do you think of mark berger, assault, theft, of course. ever thought about crittle activity being prayer? does that sound absurd russian ark not to the american civil liberties union. they have raised a complaint that is amazingly charged the principal and athletic trigger of a florida high school with
and internal control procedures. the team made attempts to contact the company. bank of america is taking over the servicing of most of the loans. if you recently made payment, the fha said your payment should have been received and transferred to bac home servicing. you can find answers on our website wbaltv.com. just click on i-team. >> coming up, stomach cancer is one of these toughest -- one of the toughest cancers to treat. as your children have back to school, they may be nervous about their first day. how to get them ready for the upcoming school year. >> president obama talks to the veterans of foreign wars about his two wars in iraq and afghanistan. that story is coming up. >> the city works on an abandoned car problem. >> michael jackson was known for his music but he could be known his music but he could be known for something oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, all right, see... you're just moving your fingers, aren't you? i gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services for the price of t
invasion and conquest of america." good to see you both this morning. >> morning, carlos. >> bob, who did i elicit a laugh from? from pat or bob? >> you know, it's sort of a predictable title for one of pat's books, but it will probably sell a lot of books on the right and help the republican party to permanent minority status. >> i've written two books since then, bob, and that was about the immigration debate which as you recall we won pretty well. >> oh, yeah, you really won. you managed to drive that hispanic vote for the republican presidential candidate down from 44% to 35%. and republicans can't win without 40% of the hispanic vote. >> we're doing just fine right now. i notice obama's in strategic retreat, bob. >> actually, you know what? you guys have brought this to the perfect place. i didn't even need to set this up. hey, bob, i'm going to go to you first. is pat right, is the president in strategic retreat at this point midway through the august recess, and if not, what in your mind does he need to do in order to ultimately get meaningful health care reform done? >> i think he's
at tripleflex.com. nature made. fuel your greatness. >> from america's news headquarters, hello everyone i'm julie banderas, florida residents are on alert as claudette barrelled to the panhandle expected to make landfall hours from now. this will be the first tropical storm to strike the u.s. this year. winds 50 miles per hour and residents are preparing for possible flooding. heavy rains are already drenching the panhandle. the mexican government moving quickly to replace all 700 of its customs inspectors. soldiers going to airports and border crossings today, taking the inspectors's government issued guns. they were replaced with agents newly trained to fight drug smuggling who don't have criminal records. of the government saying the replaced agents were not fired, instead they were not required or rehired when their contract expired this weekend. i'm julie banderas, now, back to huckabee. huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> when you think criminal activity. what do you think of? murder, assault, theft? of course. have you ever thought about criminal activity being prayer? does that soun
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is hosted by the lobbying group techamerica. >> so to that end i just wanted to introduce phil bond as he puts on his moo cophone. -- microphone. he's president of techamerica, and he has a few opening remarks to say what we're looking forward to in the fall. and then we have a number of our policy experts on hand and on the phone as well to facilitate what we hope will be a good, fruitful q&a session for all of you. >> thank you very much. can you pick it up? bear with me, everybody, for one minute here. i'm tech technologically challed by a lapel mic. there we go. welcome, everybody, glad you could join us. we are the largest advocate si group on behalf of the technology industry with 1500-member countries and touch some 16,000 technology companies. and on behalf of all of them, i welcome you here. we have some of our key staff with us today to help us field some of your questions. after i do a quick review kind of the water front of some of the issues still in the policy lean ma on behalf -- arena on behalf of the tech sector. let me introduce those folks in advance so you'll know who
-mails that americans are for redding. where is the aclu in all of this? i will tell you where. right here on "america's newsroom" in about 10 minutes. bill: janice dean joins us in a moment to tell us where tropical storm claudette is going next. >> like i said, we did not know it would get this bad. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years. and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. sfwhen you own a business,g saving sounds good. so hear this: regions makes it simple to save money and time with lifegreen checking and savings for business, free convenient e-services and regions quick deposit, so you can deposit checks right from your desk. so switch to regions and start saving. plus, get a business financial review imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your mobility and your life. one medicare benefit th
on these things. a co-op is really used over three-quarters of the land area of america so we buy our electricity that way. it's a creature of the new deal. it's worked really pretty well overall of the country for 70 or 80 years. it's owned by the customers, not owned by the government. it works. it works real well. there are good ways to solve this problem. i think the key is to be open-minded, to not use alarmist rhetoric, to focus on the real problem of 47 million uninsured americans today. unaffordable health care for everybody and a runaway health care system that does not provide the quality we deserve in america. we can solve any problem we want to in this great country. let's put our minds together and calmly and rationally solve this problem. we can do it and we can do it without a big government solution. >> mr. gingrey injure response? >> my response is i agree with jim. things like association health plans equalizing the tax treatment, making sure people that get their insurance through a small employer our individual market get the same tax benefit, tax break, discounted insurance,
? will the volt be a mainstream of america? will it be a problem-free vehicle like most cars today are. they are very well made and they don't have a lot of problems. >> that brings us to ann from hunt valley who writes in -- she wants to know about the chevy volt. she says "is it a game changer or is it just hype? " you used to run a franchise. >> yes. i had an electric car franchise. at that time, two years ago, they wouldn't get uphill. they were great on flat ground. >> like a golf cart. >> exactly. great question, ann. is it a game changer? no. i think it's a game starter. i think it's a great step for our country to try to reduce their against on foreign oil and our own security at home. i think it's a great start. is it overhyped? probably a bit. 230 miles per gallon? >> don't you think we could have come up with an invention at 110? why start at 230? >> you could have walked your way there, yeah. i seriously doubt that the car would receive 230 miles per gallon. in fact, my opinion is it probably ought to be measured in kilowatts, miles per kilowatt hour because after all it i
america's servicemen and women front and center speaking at the convention in phoenix and vowing more money and help for vets struggling to deal with life after combat. let's go to our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. what was the president's basic message to the vets? >> reporter: urging more patience in afghanistan, a war that has been going almost eight years, the president telling me that the fighting is fierce, that the u.s. will not defeat the tlaliban overnight. out here on the streets of the convention center, some of the groups that used to stalk president bush about the war in iraq are beating up on president obama, claiming he's escalated the war. interesting, as well, mr. obama defended his strategy by taking a page out of the bush playbook, and that's not sitting well with all veterans here. some say they want more details from this president about his strategy. >> this is not a war of choice. this is a war of necessity. those who attacked america on 9/11 are plotting to do so again. if left unchecked, the taliban insurgency are will mean an even larger safe ha
wheel gets the oil, the loud wheel gets the oil. most of america wants a public auction because it gives us -- just like the president said, it keeps the insurance companies honest. it is another way this co-op -- this co-op is another way a private person can align their money -- in their pocket with money. it is not going to be any different. they do not want the public option because they are going to lose money and that is what they are all about. host: let's go to houston now. caller: i have been listening to people rattle on, so please give me a chance to say what i have to say. all of you people who think you are going to come back home, you had better get your apartment on k street or something because america is tired. i have not been to the doctor in years. the only time i get sick is if i eat bad food. this is the clinton plan from 15 years ago that is universal health care. can you show me a real apple? i can show you one. what is an artificial apple? what is an artificial orange? if we get the fda to put real food back on the market, stop bringing in tea and food from other
>>> good morning, america. we have breaking news as claudette, the first tropical storm of the season streaks across the florida panhandle. and the first big weather monster this year, hurricane bill, gains steam in the atlantic ocean. >>> white house compromise? will president obama give in on the key position in the health care battle? what that means for you and your insurance. >>> missing mom. the desperate search for a woman kidnapped while talking on her cell phone. what are the clues in her last conversation? >>> and the wait is almost over. this morning we reveal the new cast of "dancing with the stars." is this surprise guest really stars." is this surprise guest really ready to shake that stuff? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and we hope it's a great morning for all of you. i'm diane sawyer with chris cuomo on this monday, august 17th, 2009. robin is away today. here it is, claudette. >> this is the first tropical storm of the season. some big numbers here. 50-mile-an-hour winds, 6 inches in rain. the big question for us now, where does it go? >> some areas
america's earning money, at some point, one would hope that they would start reinvesting that money back into their businesses, and that would add into employment. the housing market, we are starting to see some signs. i think it is far from clear, but there are some signs that we are seeing at bottom, and that is so important to people's ability to spend money. if you feel the value of your home continues to decline, it affects a lot of your decision making in terms of big purchases. the same thing happens in reverse. of course, when housing prices were soring,oaring, people will buying. tavis: delving into where we are and how we got here, economically speaking, you go back not just two or three years ago but to 9/11. make a case of how, what we are dealing with today can be traced back to 9/11. >> alan greenspan, the then chairman of the federal reserve, sought our economy might come to a complete standstill, and he almost immediately started to lower our interest rates -- thought our economy might come to a complete standstill. it actually stopped growing entirely after we came out o
eress and discover financial services. bankf america, which has the highest default and linquency rates ong the top credit card issuers, said its chargeff rate inched do just a bit from ne to july. >> paul: bank of america and citi shares were ang the big board'most active. we'lsee them as we take a look at our stocks in theews tonight. >>aul: and those are the stocks in the news tonig, jeff. >> jeff: reader'digest associatiowhich publishes the country's most popular genal interestagazine, is filing for chapter 11 banuptcy protection the company has ached a deal withenders for $150 million in financing, so it canperate whilreorganizing. decling circulation, a drop in advertising and a $2-blion debt load dre the move. reader'sigest hopes to shed about $1.5 billion of that debt while in bankptcy protection. >> paul: tomorw, hewlett packarchecks in with quarterly results. we'll see hocomputer sales are trending as the tion heads back tschool. >> jeff: chaes schwab corp was sued todayy new york attorney general andrew cuo. he accused the brokerage business of misleading custors in the sale
to sustainability, all down to the united states of america. weighing on the market is the figures that we have on friday, saying the consumer sentiment was really depressed. a few signs that the housing market was starting to pick up again. what happens if oil suddenly raises up to $600 per barrel? we have an awful long way to go. good news but not as good as we wanted it to be. >> thank you very much. for more features on the economy and video blogs from our correspondent, go to our new web site, bbc.com, where you can get all of that. afghanistan, it is the last day of campaigning the head of the presidential action. the first time that it is being arranged by afghans themselves. voting takes place on thursday, the 20th of august. there are 50 presidential candidates in the race. the president is elected for a five-year term, he can serve a total of two terms. he must receive more than 50% of the votes cast. there are three front runners, hamid karzai -- who won the first presidential election in 2004. he has been criticized for the pace of political reform. the former prime minister, abdul
, heiress of one of america's richest families grabbed by a strange guerilla band. >> m, dad, i'm okay. >> she turned into tanya the terrorist. a gun toting bank robber. >> i heard he say shoot the first s.o.b. that moved. >> the mystery still lingers, what turns an heiress into a revolutionary. >> i thought, what have i done. >> we relive the fiery siege. and the dramatic capture. >> we arrested patty hearst. "kidnapped heiress, patty hearst story." >> good evening. you probably remember the story of patty hearst the newspaper heiress who was kidnapped by terrorists and proclaimed herself one of them. this story held the nation spell bound for nearly two years this past spring 35 years later, the last member of the group that kidnapped patty hearst was released from jail. the final chapter of a story that helped define an era. >> he was the rupert murdoch of his day, a media baron who made millions marketing crime, scandal and crisis. he was so rich he built this castle as a monument to his vanity, so iconic his life story inspired the movie "citizen kane." when william randolph hears
been clicking on at cnbc.com include citigroup, more on that in second, bank of america our parent company, general electric. something bill has been following, one of his favorite indicat indicators, right, bill? >> the fear indicator, sue, that measures volatility, the anticipation of volatility there at the chicago board options exchange, a three-month chart. we talked about this a few weeks ago about how as that peak, that marked the bottom right there in early july for the stock market, which we will show you the correlation in a moment here. then as the market gfgs highe-- going high, the vix lower. and just about now it anticipates a decline in the fall, as often happens. we put the dow with the vix here in this three-month chart, you see the move higher, the dow is going higher, the vix lower, now starting to move higher, does that mean that we are destined for a bigger correction here? that is the question, ms. drury, isn't it? >> that is the question indeed, sir. now with that vix spike bill was telling us, stocks seeing the biggest drop in a month are we seeing the begin
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america's first family. the obamas haven't exactly been loading up the station wagon, but for sasha and malia, it's been an opportunity to see the beauty of this country, nevertheless. our report now from nbc's norah o'donnell. >> all right. she'll have a cup or a cone? >> cup. >> cone. >> reporter: president obama ordered up a scoop of fun for his daughters this summer. >> you don't have to make it that big. she's not going to be able to eat all of that. >> reporter: the ice cream store was one of the sweet stops on the obama girls' vacation. >> they had a blast. they always have a blast. >> reporter: this weekend it was all about the great outdoors and america's west. >> here in montana, you've got bears and moose and elk. in washington you just have mostly bull. >> reporter: for 11-year-old malia and 8-year-old sasha, it meant some thrilling whitewater rafting. the first family then toured yellowstone national park and old faithful. >> look at that. that's a geyser there. >> reporter: but perhaps the most breathtaking moment was standing on the rim of the grand canyon at hoping p
sharp tv, america's top rated internet-- now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... for 6 months. it's like getting 3 services for the price of 2. that's a $180 savings over six months for the best in home entertainment. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this if fios. this is big. >>> we're back with the weather. whipping winds and rain hit the panhandle of florida overnight. there this is from panama city, florida. it lost steam and was downgraded to a tropical depression today. and the remnants are going up into alabama and mississippi. the other storm to watch is bill. he was a hurricane overnight. that's the first of season and ana, too? >> yes, and bill. bill is way out to see in the atlantic. and he's intensifying >> he's making it up to 90 miles per hour. he became a hurricane at 5:00 and the winds are getting stronger by the hour. claudette, the winds are down to 35 miles per hour and we'll talk about that and s waoa nl . e s onla prdeonsi the
-- gretchen: a lot of people have r. saying town halls people speaking up the way america is supposed to work. does that make a difference in changing the tone where this whole thing was headed. that's our text questions for you today. because it's monday. did the town halls make a difference no text friends 1 to 3628 yes, text friends 2 to 362 8. there was a lot of stuff going on when i was not here between major garrett and that question session he had with robert gibbs who is spokes person more president obama on these emails, guys. now there is a latest development on it. steve: major garrett, if you didn't see it on thursday during the press briefing said there is r. a whole bunch of people who did not sign up for white house email who got this email very long and lengthy explaining the truths and myths behind health care. how is it that these people who did not ask for spam got spam? last night somebody from the press office named nick shapiro. i don't know who he is. gretchen: is he in charge of new media. steve: never heard of him until just now. brian: brand new or just you. gretchen
for america right now. we want a civil and informative debate which is what i think we'll have this morning. i want to talk in a few minutes about three major areas of the health care debate. i want to talk about the anger, otion, fear that's out there. let me begin with you -- all of the town halls have to alter or derail the chance of reform this year? >> it's a good thing. it's drawn greater focus on the issue. president obama out there in places all over the country talking and setting the record straight. these are emotional issues. this is the noise of democracy. you ask 300 people what they should do about health care, you get a lot of good ideas. some are emotional. the bottom line is this helps a lot. >> doesn't hurt -- you really believe it doesn't hurt? >> obviously, the misinformation hurts. obviously, if you provoke fear, that hurts. but the opportunity that we have to set the record straight, to keep the focus on the issues, to recognize there are millions of people are out there who don't have health care, to recognize there are so many people out there left -- 12 million people
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